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Tips on Agriculture ( Kannada)   
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A Programme on agriculture. An interview with Mr. Jai Prasad, working for an NGO in Bangalore, giving tips on agriculture focusing on pest control

Nuclear Science for Food Security ( English)   
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The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) today called for increased investment in a plant breeding technique that could bolster efforts aimed at pulling millions of people out of the hunger trap. The IAEA's Angela Leuker reports from Vienna, Austria.

Benefits of composite manure ( Nepali)   
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Nepal is an agricultural country and most of its people are engaged in agriculture be it in the Himalayas or in the low lying plains. It is seen that use of chemical manure has brought down the agricultural production in the recent years. The introduction of compost manure in the recent years has brought certain changes and has increased the yield. Places which were unfertile now are giving a good yield because of the use of compost manure. A short play in this programme speaks for itself. Composte is well rotted organic manure prepared by decomposition of organic matter. Composed is prepared from waste materials like vegetable refuse, farm litter such as weeds, bhusa, sugarcane trash, sewage sludge and animal wastes. More awareness is needed and NGOs and village knowledge centres has been successful in some certain extent to create awareness

Organic Farming - An interview (English) ( English)   
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Kalpakkam Community Radio Station has a daily 15-20 minute segment for Agriculture based programmes for the local Community. Agriculture is the dominant profession in the surrounding villages of Kalpakkam. This program is an interview with Smt. Sabitha Balaji, an avowed Woman Organic Farmer, by Dr. P. Sasidhar, Station Director, Kalpakkam Community Radio Station. This program is an attempt to highlight a successful 'Woman Achiever' in our Community.

Animal Health ( Tamil)   
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A radio drama based on the subject of animal husbandry. It talks about ways of taking care of animals and pets.

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