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Would a man be guilty of domestic violence ( Hindi)   
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In spirit and intent the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act is unexceptionable. It cannot be faulted on the ground of gender discrimination, because in our male-dominated society, women are undoubtedly greater victims of domestic violence than men. The Act has some commendable provisions for protection of women in case of physical and economic abuse. However, the definition of verbal and emotional abuse, which includes inter alias “insults and name calling”, can cause problems in the absence of any definition of these terms.

Women and work ( Hindi)   
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Women today have crossed many barriers to make themselves visible in a variety of professions across the formal and informal sectors. But their contribution and achievements are still less valued, less compensated, and less supported. This radio programme is produced by Jagori.

Women empowerment and literacy ( Hindi)   
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Today we are proud to be a citizen of India as it has completed 61 years of independence but on the other hand still today some women in our country feel that they are not free to express their feeling.  Suman who has been a good student in school and had received a gold medal is sad today as her parents want to get her married.

A short play in the radio programme shows how Monica an educated girl could not think of further studied after her marriage. Her brother realizes today that if she was given a chance she would have become successful in life.

Inclusion and Equity --> Women

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Inclusion and equity are directly connected to each other and share an intrinsic link with the issues related to women. This section on EDAA portal tries to address the issues of a particular group of people or individuals, especially women, who remain excluded from the resources, services and rights to which people are entitled.