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Depression needs to be treated ( Hindi)   
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Depression is not something you can just "snap out of" It's caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals, along with other factors. Like any serious medical condition, depression needs to be treated. For some people, depression can be intense and occur in bouts that last for weeks at a time. For others, depression can be less severe but can linger at a low level for years. Doctors who treat depression distinguish between these two forms, diagnosing the more severe, short-lasting form as major depression, and the longer-lasting but less severe form as dysthymia.

Socho dil se: Road accident ( Hindi)   
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A public service announcement on road accidents, urging people to avoid rash and mix driving.

Socho dil se: Stop smoking ( Hindi)   
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A PSA informing citizens about the ill effects of smoking. It urges them to stop smoking in public spaces.

Blood donation ( Hindi)   
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A radio play encouraging people to donate blood.

Health talk (Sasthya sorsa) ( Assamese)   
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The topic of this episode is 'Jaundice'. Jaundice is a physical condition of body in which skin and eyes show yellowish pigmentation.

Hand washing ( Hindi)   
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The significance of washing hands after touching pets, cleaning, washing utensils etc. is highlighted through a drama. In this programme, a father explains to his children the importance of washing hands in order to remain healthy.

World health day ( Hindi)   
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This programme on World Health Day focus on the availability and accessibility of public spaces and health services to the urban poor of the country.

Stand up and take action ( Hindi)   
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This episodes highlights the significance and progress of Stand Up and Take Action programme in India being led by UNMC and Wada Na Todo Abhiyan. The 9-Is-Mine campaign was linked with Stand Up Event this year where government commits 6 % GDP on Education and 3 % GDP on Health which was being organized by our state partners across 15 states.

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Every individual on this planet wants to stay fit and healthy; explore this section to learn what it takes to have a healthy mind, body and spirit from health. It also provides with the tips and tricks to stay healthy and fit in adverse conditions and seasons.