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world earth day special ( Malayalam)   
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on world earth day we give an awarness to people on nature and its impotence.

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प्रदूषण रहित पर्यावरण ( Hindi)   
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रेडियो रिमझिम ने श्रोताओं को एक प्रोमो के जरिये पर्यावरण को प्रदूषण रहित और सुंदर रखने का सन्देश दिया है । 

Use Dustbin (Promo) ( Hindi)   
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This is a radio spot produced by Radio Rimjhim based on to use dustbin for garbage and create a better and healthy environment.

Aapki Baat Radio Rimjhim Ke Saath ( Hindi)   
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It is a well known programme of Radio Rimjhim where we take opinons from people about some of the key issues. In this episode we are talking about rapidly decreasing in the numbers and lack of safety of birds and animals  which are very important for our diversity.


Vendriduvom (Bio Diversity) Ep2 ( Tamil)   
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This programme aims at creating awareness about environment and why it is important to conserve environment for leading a sustainable life.  

Kaam ki Baatein ( Hindi)   
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Keeping in view that the community is illiterate or semi-literate and need to understand the important tips relevant to health, personal hygiene, cleanliness, girls education, dowry system, child marriage, food and nutrition, caring of pregnant women, caring of new born child, pollution, saving water and electricity, environment and planting etc., it was being necessitated to address the community about all these aspects in daily life, through a community radio programme. Wherein, the people from the community itself discuss the issues.

Importance of Rainwater Harvesting ( Hindi)   
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In this episode participants and expert speaks on Importance Of Rainwater Harvesting in today's life. The Rainwater harvesting is the simple collection or storing of water through scientific techniques from the areas where the rain falls. It involves utilization of rain water for the domestic or the agricultural purpose. Rainwater harvesting first of all increases water security. It is the perfect solution to meet water requirements especially in the areas which do not have sufficient water resources. It helps in improving the quality of the ground water and increasing the level of the ground level.

Environment day ( Hindi)   
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यह कार्यक्रम पर्यावरण दिवस के अवसर पर बनाया गया है और एक रेडिओ नाटक के ज़रिये वृक्षारोपण के महत्त्व और अनिवार्यता को बताया गया है ! साथ ही वृक्षों के आभाव में उत्त्पन होने वाली समस्याओं के प्रति जागरूक किया गया है ! पर्यावरण को नुकसान पहुचाने वाले कारणों के बारे में कार्यक्रम में चर्चा की गयी है ! पर्यावरण के विनाश का एक कारण लगातार बढती हुई आबादी को भी बताया गया है दूसरी ओर लोगों का शहरों की ओर लोगों का बढ़ता रुझान और अपनी ज़रूरतों के लिए पेड़ों का अंधाधुंध काटा जाना है ! एक्सपर्ट उषा ने पर्यावरण दिवस के महत्व को बताते हुए पर्यावरण दिवस को मनाये जाने के इतिहास के बारे में भी बताया है !

Ransarin Parisarayata ( Sinhala)   
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Negombo which was once a trading port for Portuguese and Dutch is situated by the shores of a lagoon by the same name in SriLanka. It is a small town which is situated in Ja-Ela divisional secretariat in Gampaha District of the Western Province of the country.

The village is approximately 30 kilometers north of Colombo in SriLanka. This coastal wet land is 6,232 ha in extent and is populated by almost 65,000. It is located at the mouth of the Negombo Lagoon which is just 10 kilometers away from the international airport.

Environment and Development --> Biodiversity

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Biodiversity shares an intrinsic relationship with eco-system services, human well-being and poverty. A diverse eco-system plays a crucial role in creating diversity in environment and is a tool to check the environment quality. Here you can listen to various radio programmes, jingles and spots based on different flora and fauna.