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दुजें खंडे तरी (Marathi)

वसुंधरा वाहिनी सामुदायिक रेडियो द्वारा संतश्रेष्ठ तुकाराम जी महाराज के लिए अर्पित कुछ भजन संगीत प्रस्तुत किया है | 

Participants: Bhaagwat Patil
Programme Format: Music
Date of Broadcast: 0000-00-00
Date of Upload: 2013-12-23 12:28:10
File Format: MP3
Themes: Cultural Development --> Folk art, Music, Literature

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Vasundhara Krishi Vahini

<p>Vasundhara Vahini&rsquo;s aim is to use radio as a medium to improve the knowledge of farmers by trying to achieve sustainable development in broadcasting.<br />Vasundhara Vahini&rsquo;smission is to encourage local artist as well as culture.</p>

<p>The Baramati Vidya-pratisthan institute started the Vasundhara Vahini Community Radio Station to enable a &ldquo;farmer to listen to a farmer&rdquo; by providing a common platform to farmers to discuss their issues on agriculture through the Community Radio Station.</p>

Language of Broadcast: Marathi

Name of the Programme Format Description
Sant Vaani Narration Programme based on description of Sant Tukarams Abhang.
Shasan Darbar Drama Raja and Pradhan - these two Characters describe schemes, benefits and conditions by the comic traditional style of communication.
Sheti Pathashala Characters Shiva Nana and Tukaram Tatya - these two characters describe Agricultural issues.(seeds, weather and new technology, etc.).
Aaushya Ghadavinari Manas Interview Focusing on success stories of small businessmen and techniques of their successes which is useful to others
Samrangini Interview The woman who have, apart from her family responsibilities, been doing impressive social work are invited to share thoughts, views, experience and ideology to others with the announcer.

Source: Compendium 2011 and 2012, CEMCA and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

<p>Signature Programme: SaantVaani, Sheti pathashala, Pashudhan, Samarangini, Shashan Darbar. Community Participation: We contact to school and colleges for programmes on different topics on social issues for discussion.We involve lot of persons to create our content in the course of outdoor recordings and government officials are also invited. People feel encouraged as we give them participation certificates. Innovations in format: The radio station has experimented in different formats. Among these, a few that stand out are a radio drama format that was used for theprogrammeShasanDarbar. The radio feature format was successful for the Bhumiputra and Sama rangini progammes that portrays successful farmers. Our Sheti pathashala programme is a conversation in a radio discussion format. The radio also employs the magazine format for highlighting social issues.</p>

<p>Funding and Partnerships: The parent organisation and the World Bank funded procurement of technical items.Presently, the station is sustaining on local advertisements generated through one marketing representative employed for collecting advertisements. The station is also earning from different types of ground activities. The Vasundhara Vahini Community Radio has partnered with different government sectors and NGOs for radio programmes. Besides collaborations for programme production, the radio has also started a club for women listeners called the Vasundhara Mahila Manch. Many activities have been planned and implemented with help from this group. This group has also contributed a membership fee for the Community Radio Station.</p>

Content is yet to be updated by the station.

<p><strong>Core Team:</strong><br />Yuvaraj Jadhav, Dipak Rajmane, Sarika Narute, Kumar Deokate, Rajeshri Agam.</p> <p><br /><strong>CRMC Members:</strong> Amol Goje, Sanjay Jagtap, Yuvaraj Jadhav, Dipak Rajmane, Kumar Deokate, Nanasaheb Salve, Sarika Narute, Rajeshri Agam, D R Ganbote.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Vasundhara Vahini Community radio center, Vidya pratisthan vidyanagari, MIDC, Baramati, Maharashtra.
Phone: 2112-239554/55, 9881761891
Email: yuvaraj2121@gmail.com, director@viitindia.org

Frequency : 90.4000015258789
Broadcast hours : 06:00 -10:00 and 16:00 - 20:00 Hours
Established in : 2004-04-01
Org. / Institution :
Language : NA