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heat wave (Malayalam)   
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giving information on sun stroke and remedies

women is power (Malayalam)   
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women emporing programme

women day (Malayalam)   
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awarness programme for women

cloud seeding (Malayalam)   
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giving information about cloud seeding

climate change (Malayalam)   
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giving awarness to people on climate change and how to overcome it.

say no horn (Malayalam)   
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ശബ്ദമലിനീകരണം ഉണ്ടാക്കുന്നതില്‍ മുഖ്യപങ്ക് വഹിക്കുന്നത് വാഹനങ്ങളാണ്. വാഹനങ്ങളുടെ ഹോണുകള്‍ ഉപയോഗിക്കുന്നതില്‍ നിയന്ത്രണം വരുത്തിയാല്‍ തന്നെ ഒരു പരിധി വരെ ശബ്ദമലിനീകരണം തടയാന്‍ സാധിക്കും. ഇതിനെക്കുറിച്ച് പാലാ ആര്‍ടിഒയുമായി സഹകരിച്ച് തയാറാക്കിയ പരിപാടി.

Radio Mangalam

radio mangalam 91.2 is a campus community radio lauched at mangalam engineering college on 1 november 2016. it is the first of its kind kottayam. radio mangalam 91.2 is an ardent materialisation of a great dream that had been borne in the minds of our rural folks and around kottayam. 

we are sure that we an ensure our involvement and presence everywhere in the literacy town and all the sorrounding areas. being a land of letters, kottayam willcertainley be turned into a wonderful place where the letters will be echoed in melodious music synchronised in ballads and epics that will reflect the voice of the voiceless

Radio mangalam CR 91.2 MHz was started by mangalam engineering college in november 2016 as a part of the organisation’s social outreach programme that could also help its mass communications students get a hands-on to their education. we utilise the radio more effectively to empower all members of the society, especially the marginalised, women, and students.

Content is yet to be updated by the station.

snehasparsham, janapaksham, aogyamangalam, harithamangalam, mukhamukham, kalam maykatha kalpadukal, swathantrathinta kanal vazhikal, aksharavicharam, know your english, vidhyamangalam, patrikam, niyamavedi,

Content is yet to be updated by the station.

<p>CORE TEAM: Pradeep.C, Sindoori Vijayan, Aravind N.R, Shruthy, DInto Thomas, CRMC Members:  Sherin</p>

Mangalam Engineering College, mangalam campus, vettimukul p o, Ettumanoor- 686631

Phone: 9447148595
Email: radio@mangalam.in

Frequency : 91.2
Broadcast hours : 06.00am to 10.00 pm
Established in : 2016-11-01
Org. / Institution :
Language : NA