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Macfast: Signature tune (Malayalam)   
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Signature tune of the station. 

Radio Macfast

<p>Radio MACFAST believes that the emergence of a knowledge society is possible through focused work at the grass-root level for &lsquo;Bridging the Knowledge Divide&rsquo;. It realises that transfer of knowledge is a two-way process.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Radio MACFAST is the social service arm andCommunity Radio of MACFAST (Mar Athanasios College for AdvancedStudies Tiruvalla) for coordinating knowledge from allsources of information and knowledge, thus facilitating positivetransformation in the society through community development,reconstruction, and national integration.</p>

Radio MACFAST @90.4 MHz broadcasts its programmes for 16 hours 45 minutes daily from 5:45 am – 10:30 pm.

Language of Broadcast: Malayalam

Name of the programme Format Description
Adukkala Interactive Show (Kitchen) is a favorite programme of listeners which introduces various dishes, its preparation, preservation and ingredients. Local women are also sharing their indigenous and traditional knowledge/tips on cooking.
Morning Show Live Show, Phone-in Live telephonic daily programme discusses local issues/ problems. It provides an effective platform for listeners to debate, share and express their views and concerns.
Subhayathra Magazine Subhayathra (Nice Journey) is a creative programme that unveils hidden/new local rural tourism destinations/ products/attraction creating a live feeling of journey for listeners
Niyamavum Ningalaum Discussion with Experts Niyamavum Ningalaum (Law and You) is handled by local legal experts to deal with laws and regulations.
Let’s Talk English Live Phonein Show, Interactive ‘Let’s Talk English’ is an English language training programme focusing on rural school students in Central Travancore region. This live telephonic programme by a professor from UK deals with grammar, rhymes, music and debates

Source: Compendium 2011 and 2012, CEMCA and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India.

<p>Signature Programme: PushpavaniArogyam, Clean and Green Tiruvalla, HridayaSpandanam. Community Participation: Radio MACFAST has made it a point to produce more and more interactive programmes like phone-in programmes and on field visits to the farming communities by the team and involving schools, colleges, orphanages and old age homes. Voluntary reporters from the hinterlands of the Central-Travancore region support in programme production byconveying the people&rsquo;s expectations, forwarding suggestions of listeners and participating in outdoor events.Twenty-two radio clubs especially from schools actively participate with radio through content development and production. As a part of the &lsquo;Earn while Learn&rsquo; and &lsquo;MACFAST Industry Interface&rsquo;offer opportunities to interested students to work at the radio station in the evenings, offering ample opportunities to enhance their talents. Innovations in Format: Let&rsquo;s Talk English is a programme that focuseson English language training among rural school students in the Central Travancore region. This live telephonic program comprises of grammar, rhymes, music and debates. &ldquo;PushpavaniArogyam&rdquo; is an hour-long live programme in which doctors from Pushpagiri Medical College interact with the public on their health issues. Likewise,HridayaSpandanamis a programme on heart surgeryand is done in association with Pushpagiri Medical College as part of the radio&rsquo;s social responsibility programmes.</p>

<p>The stations gets funding from MACFAST College and funds are also collected through local advertisements, thestate Government, DAVP, and State Institute of Educational Technology(SIET).</p>

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<p><strong>Core Team:</strong></p> <p>Sumesh Kumar, PriyaJeji, Reshma, liji Jyothis, V Praveen, R Rakesh, Shinu M Mathew, SooryaPeringara, Jinson K Joshua, Sijo Jacob and Arunkumar.</p> <p><strong>CRMC members:</strong></p> <p>Pradeep Vazhatharamalayil, Sajan Thomas Plakoottathil, VGeorge Mathew, Shibu Itty Mathew, Ajai Krishnan, K Muraleedharan, Vinod Mulamoottil, Sera George, K J Luke, J Philipose, Jayakrishnan.</p>

George Mathew The Station Director Radio MACFAST 90.4 FM, MACFAST Campus, Tiruvalla - 689101
Phone: 469-3021160, 3058000
Email: radiomacfast@gmail.com

Frequency : 90.4000015258789
Broadcast hours : 05.45 - 22.30 Hours
Established in : 2009-11-01
Org. / Institution :
Language : NA