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Interview on hybrid animals (Hindi)   
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Rameshing Naga, a Post Graduate in Mathematics, works to help the rural farmer to keep hybrid buffalows and cows to increase the economical condition in Phulera, Jaipur, Rajasthan. He is also working to develop a coorperative bank in the same location.

Interview of Mohan Karki (Hindi)   
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It is a radio programme produced by Kumao Vani. The present programme consists of an interview of Mohan Karki who works in community radio station.

Sakhi Sajni (Hindi)   
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This programme is produced by Manndeshi Tarang Vahini, a community radio station in Maharashtra. It includes information of different ingredients using in making of a sweet dish recipe "Shirkhurma" on the occassion of Eid. 

Radio Doctor (Marathi)   
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This programme named "Radio Doctor" produced by Manndeshi Tarang Vahini" a community radio station in Maharashtra, Mumbai, India. It includes the role and benefits of aerobics in our daily life.

Lok geet (Marathi)   
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This programme is a platform for the local artists to showcase their talent. In this episode, Madhura Dani, a resident of Vidarbha is singing a folk song.

Interview (Sucess Story) (Marathi)   
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In this programme, Madhavi Tupe, a farmer shares her experience with the listeners about her struggle and how she has dealt with. After meeting the Taluka Taluka Agriculture Officer, she took an initiative of planting pomegranates in a small farm. She has planted nearly 3000-3,500 pomegranates. Also she uses organic fertilisers, cow urine to protect the plants from Telya (disease). The use of drop irrigation minimises water consumption.

Interview (Sucess Story) (Marathi)   
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In this programme, Shashikala Wagmare, a resident of Mann Tehsil shares her experience with the listeners about her struggle.She belongs to a poor family and is not educated. Shashikala and a group of women few years back started an initiative called as 'Bhishi', where women from the community saves money and uitilise it for their benefit. Shashikala is a happy woman as she manages family and works at farm. Also her husband is not addicted to any drugs or alcohol.

Interview (Sucess Story) (Marathi)   
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Sunita Namdas, hailing from a poor family and her family faced severe financial crisis. As she grew older, her determination became stronger. At present, Sunita is an Anganwadi Sevika and motivating others.

Manndeshi Tarang Vahini

<p>Vision: Develop awareness on family health, diet, pure drinking water and cleanliness through cultural programmes. As part of its vision, the Mann Deshi Foundation also wants to provide training to the youth in speaking, writing or expressing themselves through stories or even poetry.</p> <p>Mission: The Mann DeshiTarangVahiniCommunity Radio Station,Mhaswad, works in the drought prone area of western Maharashtra &ndash; a culturally rich, though an economically backward region. The Community RadioStation targets women with a mission to broadcast information on small trade, entrepreneurship and inculcate the habit of saving.</p>

<p>Mann Tehsil is a socio-economically backward area about 85 km away from district centre Satara. The Mann Deshi Foundation was set up in 1994 by ChetnaSinhato empower women. The Mann Deshi Foundation launched theMann DeshiTarangVahini Radio to further strengthen their activities.</p>

Content is yet to be updated by the station.

<p>Signature Programme: Chintanand Panchang Community participation: The radio station involves the local community in making the programmes as well as ensuring that these reach out to a wide audience. The main listeners are women, students and children. Innovations in format: The radio station has been consistently taking the help of the Commonwealth of Learning and CEMCA for making health-related programmes. Other programmes include local cultural programmesthat stress on health and social issues.</p>

<p>The Mann DeshiFoundation raises funds from other organisations and receives technical assistance from All India Radio,Satara, and the VasundharaVahini Community Radio Station, Baramati.</p>

<p>Two impact studies show that women have benefitted through the Community Radio Stationbecause of improvement in their economic conditions and an improved social status.</p> <p>SunandaPhadatare from Mhaswad is a vegetable vendor who along with her two sons and daughter-in-law sells fruits and vegetables. She earns around Rs 100 daily of which Rs 50 go to repay a bank loan. She has even started savingmoney in her grandson&rsquo;s account.</p> <p>ShobhaRaut, a young polio-afflicted womancompleted her graduation and worked with the government despite many odds.Due to persisting problems, she had to return home and start a small business. She even took an education loan from the Mann DeshiMahila Bank to support her brothers and supportsher family despite her physical challenges.</p>

<p><strong>Core Team:</strong><br />S M Yadav, Swapnali Khatavkar, Nirmala Gonjari, Sushama Shendge and Poonam Sonawane.</p> <p><strong>CRMC Members:</strong><br />Chetna Sinha, Jawahar Deshmane, SM Yadav, Rekha Kulkarni, Vanita Shinde, Vijay Sinha, Koustubh Dani, Vasant Masal, Bahir Mulla, Nirmala Gonjari, Sushama Shendge and Swapnali Khatavkar.</p>

Mann Deshi Tarang Vahini, Mhaswad. A/p- Mhaswad, Taluka – Man, District – Satara, Maharashtra – 415 509.
Phone: 9403704767, 2373-270400
Email: Shivajiyadav49@gmail.com

Frequency : 90.4000015258789
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Established in : 2008-11-17
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