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Disaster Management (Hindi)

In this episode of Ek Duniya Ek Awaaz, we are talking about the need of Disaster Management, responsibility and its working pattern. Our expert, Dr. K.J. Anand Kumar, Specialist on Disaster Management, talks about the process of disaster management which including various processes like preparation before disaster, impact, rescue operation during disaster, managing and controlling the fear of epidemics after the disaster situation. He stressed on people's training, their responsibilities,  use and including of knowledge related to disaster management in the school books and other communication tools. He also urges on awareness about the disaster management among people and its necessity to country.

Participants: Jyoti Singh and Dinesh Rautela
Experts: Dr. K.J. Anand Kumar, Specialist on Disaster Management
Programme Format: Magazine
Date of Broadcast: 0000-00-00
Date of Upload: 2013-07-03 08:31:23
File Format: MP3
Themes: Risk Reduction --> Disaster Risk Reduction

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