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Padharo Mhare Desh - Incredible India (Hindi)   
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

This programme is produced by Alwar Ki Awaz, a community radio station in Rajasthan. It provides some relevent information about various culture and traditions of Incredible India.

Padharo Mharo Desh Hill Fort Kesroli Alwar (Hindi)   
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

A programme on Heritage culture of Rajasthan Alwar.Hill Fort Kesroli under Padharo Mhare Desh by basant

Mahro Panchayati Raj- PESA aur Gram sabha ka taalmel (Ep-20) (Hindi)   
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

This Program is about Panchayat Extension To Scheduled Areas (PESA) aur Gram sabha ka taalmel.


Mahro Panchayati Raj- Mahila Gram Sabha Ep19 (Hindi)   
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

Mahro Panchayati Raj- Mahila Gram Sabha Ep19.

Mahro Panchayati Raj - NGOs ka mila yogdan (Hindi)   
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

In this programme, we are discussing the role of Panchayati Raj and responsibilities of NGO's.

Public Distribution System (Hindi)   
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

This programme is produced by Alwar Ki Awaj, Rajasthan. It provide details on rights, reality, condition and origin of Public Distribution System.

Kinner Lok Ka Sach (Hindi)   
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

A programme on Eunucks based on Their problems,issues & Rights.

CRS Alwar Radio Maths Ep4 Class8 Rational Numbers (Hindi)   
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

This program is about maths calculation and rational numbers.

Satta Sambhalti Gaon Ki Naari (Ep - 16) (Hindi)   
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike

It is a radio programme produced by Alwar Ki Awaz. The present programme speaks about the importance of girl education and Backward Region Grant Fund.

Mahro Panchayati Raj- BRGF, Epd.17 (Hindi)   
Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial

Mahro Panchayati Raj- BRGF (BACKWARD REGIONS GRANT FUND), Epd.17.

Alwar ki Awaz 90.8MHz

We are committed to provide wholesome programmes to entertain and enrich the lives of our listeners by promoting education, health, culture, languages, peace, harmony, agriculture and growth etc in society.

Trough our active involvement of the Community members along with the campus students and staff we strive to cover entertainment, education, health, employment, entrepreneurship, agriculture, credit, explore talents, ideas and finance for our listeners. We also work on the dissemination of information to the people on various state and central government schemes/projects along with imparting knowledge on natural resource management and cover subjects like cultural heritage, environment and climate change.

We felt that a Community Radio Station should be established to benefit the community as a whole and voice the voice of the unheard. Community Radio, Alwar ki Awaz, was conceived to give a platform to the diverse Community of the area by serving it with the involvement of members of the Community.

It was envisaged that Alwar ki Awaz programmes would be ‘By the Community and for the Community’. With this purpose, application was moved for obtaining Letter of Intent, Frequency Allocation, SACFA, GOPA and WOL.

Content is yet to be updated by the station.

Signature Programme: We run a progress Campus Masti to create some fun for our listener participants. Community Participation: Methodology – The programme topics are discussed amongst the Content Management Committee members. Changes in programmes are also subject to the receipt of feedback from listeners. We are also working to start an in-house Radio Jockey and Radio Programme Production course. Innovations in format: We involve the community in our outdoor broadcasting programmes. We also run Radio Phone-in-tutorial classes and a helpline for aspiring engineers and managers.

Funding and Partnerships: We developed infrastructure and procured technical items through our own funds.

We have learnt from our interaction with our listeners to make our programmes more educational.

<p><strong>Core Team:</strong> Our team comprises of house team, campus students and staff, local Villagers and city community.</p> <p><br /><strong>CRMC members:</strong> Executive Management Committee includes Dr V K Agarwal, Chairman, <br />Dr Manju Agarwal, Executive Director, Prof Ashok Singh Sunhal, Station Director and Programming In charge Ms. Alpana Bishnoi.</p> <p></p>

IET Group of Institutions, North Extension, MIA Alwar-301 030, Rajasthan

Phone: 8351022222
Email: assunhal@gmail.com

Frequency : 90.8 MHz
Broadcast hours : Morning 8:00 Hrs to Night 21:00 Hrs
Established in : 01-Jan-2013
Org. / Institution :
Language : NA