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Janasabdam: Ep02 ( Malayalam)   
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A symposium on environment describes human rights and freedom as an access to the clean water, air, wholesome food and environment. Efforts to curb exploitation of the earth’s resources must be done keeping in mind the future generations. Mr. Esson, Assistant Conservator talked about global warming and related issues. Retd. Principal, Mr. P.K. Appukuttan spoke on water conservation with special emphasis on the Ashtamudi lake in Quilon. Mr. Madhu from the Department of Water talked about water pollution in Quilon and Prof. Rema Devi spoke on World Environment Day.

Peoples's Voice ( Malayalam)   
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Sub-urban villagers react to a local pollution issue. The sewage canal along the sides of the Quilon by-pass road intended to drain out waste water has now become a garbage disposal area. All kinds of waste, including bio-waste, being dumped into the canal raises various environmental as well as health hazards. Being a low lying area, the blocked water not only spills into the neihbouring houses but also becomes a breeding bed for mosquitoes and other flies. The presence of la arge number of stray dogs raises serious threats to humans as well as their cattle. People of the locality make an appeal to the public and the authorities to stop this wanton practice of throwing waste into the sewage

Janasabdam: Ep01 ( Malayalam)   
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The failure to preserve nature and its resources has led to the present global warming and the resultant climate change. This is a discussion on the issue from a local perspective. The statements are interspersed with the soulful musings of a poet about a dying earth.

Community Radio Benziger Title Song ( Malayalam)   
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This is the title song of Radio Benziger. Radio Benziger is based in Kollam, Kerala. Community Radio Benziger generates content as a relating tool in order to create understanding, facilitate work, and strengthen collective living among people.

CRB Theme Song ( Malayalam)   
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Community Radio Benziger Theme Song

Kollam Thodu: The Quilon Canal ( Malayalam)   
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A part of the T.S. Canal that passes through the Kollam town is generally described as Kollam Thodu (Kollam Canal). Once it was a direct water way from Trivandrum to Shornur. This canal has provided a very cheap transporting system to a large section of the people. Accumulation of waste in different places of the canal has seriously blocked the openings of the canal to the Ashtamudi Lake. The practice of dumping industrial waste, plastics, poultry waste and opening of the toilets to the canal have seriously contaminated the water and transformed this canal into a breeding place for mosquitoes and diseases. As the canal has become a severe environmental problem, some young people took the initiative to meet the people who are residing at the sides of this canal. They conducted discussions with the people.


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