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Blood donation ( Hindi)   
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A radio play encouraging people to donate blood.

Hand washing ( Hindi)   
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The significance of washing hands after touching pets, cleaning, washing utensils etc. is highlighted through a drama. In this programme, a father explains to his children the importance of washing hands in order to remain healthy.

Child labour ( Kannada)   
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A radio drama on child labour that highlights the problem of child labour and what goes through the child during the entire process.

Chhinta bachpan, badhta bojh ( Hindi)   
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This programme is an effort to eradicate child labour. In this programme a child has been forcefully employed in a fireworks factory. Later on, parents repent their mistake when their child escapes a major accident in the factory.

Nayi subah ( Hindi)   
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This episode of Nayi Subah is based on sanitation. This effort has been made to inform villagers about the need and importance of sanitation.


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A radio drama is also known as a radio play. Radio plays are similar to any other play with an important difference being that it does not have such defining components of a stage play like curtain, set or live actors. However, a radio programme is characterized by three components