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Police to hear complaints through Radio Mewat


Mewat Police has decided to take help of Radio Mewat, a community radio station based in Mewat to register complaints with SP office. Mewat's SSP Pankaj Nain will be answering these queries through a weekly radio programme.

There is a good news for those who are unable to register their complaints with the SP office or approach police stations. There is nothing to wonder, this is a correct news, Mewat Police has decided to take help of the community radio station, Radio Mewat, to address and resolve the complaints of the people of the region.M

Addressing the media, SSP Pankaj Nain said that for those who cannot visit the police stations for whatever reasons can now call Radio Mewat and register their complaints. Any one can dial Radio Mewat's number 01267-274696 for resolving their issues. Nain has committed two to three hours a week to come to the radio station and listen to the complaints of the people.

"All the complaints lodged with the radio station will be resolved within a week," he said. He added that through Radio Mewat any one could speak to him directly and get a response and the whole district could listen to it. He also said that this would result in more efficiency as the police station under which the complainant belongs to will be responsible for resolving the issue within a week.

The police would also use radio as a medium to announce their decisions to bring awareness amongst people and increase accountability of the police department. "It will help in building the confidence of the people in the system," he said.

He also told the press that people could also send emails to the police department and that he had given instructions to his department to resolve local issues on a priority basis. "Justice should be delivered at the earliest," he said. He added that he will not tolerate any delay from the end of the department.

He also said that he is working towards bring down crime in the area and is also talking to the neighbouring districts for such initiatives. Many of the neighbouring districts have conducted raids and have rounded up over 15 criminals which include some of the most wanted.

Source: Radio Mewat