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Transmission and Power Range - CR Guidelines in India

Transmission and power range of Community Radio stations in India

i) CRS shall be expected to cover a range of 5-10 km. For this, a transmitter having maximum Effective Radiated Power (ERP) of 100 W would be adequate. However, in case of a proven need where the applicant organisation is able to establish that it needs to serve a larger area or the terrain so warrants, higher transmitter wattage with maximum ERP up to 250 Watts can be considered on a case-to-case basis, subject to availability of frequency and such other clearances as necessary from the Ministry of Communication & IT. Requests for higher transmitter power above 100 Watts and upto 250 Watts shall also be subject to approval by the Committee constituted under the Chairmanship of Secretary, Ministry of Information & Broadcasting.

ii) The maximum height of antenna permitted above the ground for the CRS shall not exceed 30 meters. However, minimum height of Antenna above ground should be at least 15 meters to prevent possibility of biological hazards of RF radiation.

iii) Universities, Deemed Universities and other educational institutions shall be permitted to locate their transmitters and antennae only within their main campuses.

iv) For NGOs and others, the transmitter and antenna shall be located within the geographical area of the community they seek to serve. The geographical area (including the names of villages/institution etc) should be clearly spelt out along with the location of the transmitter and antenna in the application form.