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Grant of Permission Agreement (GoPA) conditions for CR in India

Terms and conditions of Grant of Permission Agreement of Community Radio policy in India provided by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

i) The Grant of Permission Agreement period shall be for five years.

ii) The Grant of Permission Agreement and the Permission letter will be non-transferable.

iii) No permission fee shall be levied on the Permission Holder. However, the Permission Holder will be required to pay the spectrum usage fee to WPC wing of Ministry of Communication & IT.

iv) In case the Permission Holder does not commence his broadcasting operations within three months of the receipt of all clearances or shuts down broadcasting activity for more than 3 months after commencement of operation, its Permission is liable to be cancelled and the frequency allotted to the next eligible applicant.

v) An applicant/organisation shall not be granted more than one Permission for CRS operation at one or more places.

vi) The LOI Holder shall furnish a bank guarantee for a sum of Rs.25,000/-(Rupees twenty five thousand) only to ensure timely performance of the Permission Agreement.

vii) If the Permission Holder fails to commission service within the stipulated period, he shall forfeit the amount of bank guarantee to the Government and the Government would be free to cancel the Permission issued to him.