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Using community radio for bringing about a change in life of refugees
30 January 2017They have come all the way from Germany to India to spread a message, that of using community radio for social change through art. It is the first visit of German radio trainers Ralf Wendt and Michael Nicolai to India and they decided on the Hyderabad Literature Festival as a platform to spread the message. read more..

Ministry giving CR licenses to govt bodies, say civil society groups
30 January 2017Civil society groups and organisations operating the country’s community radio sector are wary of the government’s apparent interest in roping in more government bodies to run community radio stations. read more..

Govt amends policy guidelines for community radio stations
24 January 2017Information and Broadcasting ministry amended policy guidelines for community radio stations, notifying rules for licence extension/renewal and allowing players to broadcast news sourced from All India Radio. read more..

CR stations to get more grant for equipment and content
18 January 2017NEW DELHI: Operational Community radio stations, which today number around 200 more than a decade after the scheme was introduced, can now look towards the government for a better deal. read more..

A community radio station that deals with traffic and gender issues alike
16 January 2017If you are in Gurugram and switch your radio device to 107.8 MHz, you are likely to stumble upon Folk songs of Garhwal and Kumaon of Central Himalaya along with traditional Bhojpuri folk of Northern India. read more..

Govt to reply Supreme Court to broadcast news on community radio
13 January 2017The Supreme Court today sought the response of the Centre on a plea seeking its direction for allowing private FM radio stations, including community radios, to broadcast news like television channels. read more..

Number of community radio stations set to increase
28 December 2016The number of community radio stations is set to increase as a high-level committee formed by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry today examined over a hundred applications for starting new stations. read more..

Centre slams Madhya Pradesh for having a meagre presence of community radio
27 December 2016BHOPAL: The Union ministry of information and broadcasting has slammed Madhya Pradesh for having a meagre presence of community radio (CR) on college campuses. read more..

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