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Getting to know PLWHA, MSM, FSW and IDUs on 60 years of India independence ( Hindi)   
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Even after 60 years of Indian Independence there are many people who feel that they are not free. Yes today’s radio programme talks about people living with HIV/AIDS, MSM, FSW and IDUs.

Paritosh who works with such people says that it’s a challenge in every step they take. He laments that help centres are not enough and the government needs to be more proactive. He narrates the difficulties in imparting valuable information to women as some remain indoors and do not interact.  He also talks about how he and his organisation have been helping and supporting them.

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Access to services in an equitable manner is a matter of concern for the people with less population. Minorities are struggling to achieve the social, economic and cultural inclusion. Explore this section for radio programmes related to democratic rights; right to life, speech; financial inclusion and empowerment of people who are less in number.