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Radio Mathematics - (Ep - 23) (Kannada)   
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The next day Mangala finishes her work of washing clothes at Jayashree’s house. Though she was given more work, Mangala never complained. She just did her work and left to home. As she didnt have any other work  at the moment she decides to meet her friends. She shares about her first day at work in a new house, she shares details of the house like the size of the house, number of rooms, etc. As she is sharing these details, Tabassum and Mangala assume that Mangala gets a higher salary at the new place. Later as the discussion continuous, they realize that Mangala is doing a lot of work and is underpaid. They compare the work in Vijaya’s house and Jayashree’s house by  number of people living in the house, timings and amount paid as salary. Mangala shares that she is too scared to ask for more as she thought she would lose her job. Mangala decides to take Prameela to work to discuss this matter with Jayashree. In the evening when they went to Jayashree house for work, Mangala asks her for extra money. The conversation continues and finally Jayashree agrees to pay her Rs. 500 more.

Concept- Profit, Loss, addition

Radio Mathematics - (Ep - 22) (Kannada)   
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As discussed earlier Mangala and Tabasum go shopping to the discount store. Tabassum purchases a saree whickh had a 40% discount on the price tag. Tabassum understands the calculations while  Mangala doesn’t. Later, Mangala goes to Jayashree’s house for work. By the time she finishes washing vessels and cleaning the house it was late, so she was in a hurry to leave. Jayashree asks Mangala to come in the morning also to wash clothes. As Vijaya was out of station Mangala agrees for the same. Mangala reaches her house by 8.30pm tired.  

Concept: Application of Basic concepts of Math’s

Radio Mathematics - (Ep - 21) (Kannada)   
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After returning from Jayashree’s house, Mangala visit her friends Tabasum and Prameela. She shares news about her new job. Both of them were happy for Mangala. Mangala also mentions about the idea of sending Arya to another city for work. They both agree with her and they tell Mangala to convince her husban.. As Tabasum was leaving to give lunch for her husband, Mangala also accompanies her and requests Tabasum to come with her to pay the interest amount to the Jewellery shop. On their way they see a discount sale at saree shop and they decide to visit the shop on their way back home. At the jewellery shop, while Mangala was paying the debt amount Tabassum ensures that it is the right amount.

Concept- Application of Basic concepts of Math’s in interest amount

Radio Mathematics (Ep - 20) (Kannada)   
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Mangala and Venkatesh calculate the pending amount that needs to be paid to Gopal. Mangala and Tabasum discuss about the fermentation of milk when Mangala approaches Tabasum for a cup of curd. Mangala discuss the idea of sending Arya to another city for work. Venkatesh reacts with anger and  denies the idea of sending Arya to another city. Mangala reminices how she always wished she could send Arya to another city and become an independent woman. The next day Mangala goes to work at 6:00 am to Vijaya house. As promised, Vijaya gives her brother’s address. After finishing her work Mangala leaves to work at Jayashree’s house. As Vijaya had already discussed with jayashree about the salary, Mangala did not have  a say in it. Jayashree instructed her to come in the evenings at 5:30 pm.

Concept: Application of Basic concepts of Math’s & Temperature calculation

Radio Mathematics (Episode-19) (Kannada)   
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Mangala, Arya and Jayamma reach Vijaya’s house. Jayamma has a casual conversation with Vijaya when Mangala interrupts and shares her problem of growing debts. Vijaya again recommends that Arya has a job opportunity at her brother’s house in another city. Hearing this Mangala asks her for more details of the job. Vijaya instructs Mangala to come to work at 6.00am  the next day as she was leaving to her native place for four days. Mangala agrees to it and while leaving reminds Vijiya of the job at her brother’s place. Vijaya promises to confirm the same by the next morning when she comes for work. When they return home, Venkatesh calculates pending debts that can be paid from the money received by pawning the gold chain. They decide to give the leftover money to auto Gopal.

Radio Mathematics (Episode-18) (Kannada)   
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Venkatesh does not agree with Mangala for borrowing money as they already have so many debts. Venkatesh  finally decides to sell his chain which was gifted by Mangala’s parents at their marriage. Mangala refuses as she did not want to sell it. Venkatesh makes her realize that there is no one to help. Mangala agrees with him as she dint have any other way. The next day Mangala , Arya and Jayamma leave to Vijaya’s house. Venkatesh goes to a friend who had offered to help him sell his gold chain. Unfortunately he was not at home, so Venkatesh decides to go to the pawn broker himself in Jayanagar 4th block. The first four shops didnt accept to take the gold chain but the fifth shop owner accepted to offer a loan. Finally he pawns the chain and gets some money. He wanted to share this news with Mangala rushed towards home but realizes there’s no one home as everyone was at work.


Radio Mathematics (Episode-17) (Kannada)   
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As they realize that preparing Obattu at home was cheaper, they prepare it for everyone and enjoy the  Obattu after their meals. Now Mangala was frantic as she didn’t know whether Shamala and her husband will stay back. She hopes that they don’t stay back as she could share the chicken curry with her family. Alas, she was relieved as Shamala and her husband decided to leave. But the pay back of the debts clouded her mind, as she had to repay all the money by the end of the month. As Mangala and her mother were discussing on ways to arrange for the money to clear her debts, the house owner enters the scene. She is stunned as she realizes she cant pay the rent right now. The landlord informs Mangala that there would be an increase in rent by 10% as they have completed 6 years in the house. He informs Mangala that from next month she would have to pay Rs.2200 as rent. This tenses her. She waits for Venkatesh to return and informs him about the increase in rent. Mangala decides to borrow money from her friends

Radio Mathematics - (Ep - 16) (Kannada)   
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Venkatesh insists Shamala and her husband to stay with them for one day. As shamala’s children were alone at home they declined the offer. In the mean time Mangala came home with the groceries and she shares her plan of cooking Obattu. Mangala and Shamala decide to prepare some tea for everyone. While preparing they discuss the groceries purchased, proportions for preparations and the total number of Obattu that can be prepared. As the grocery purchased was less and the time required was too long to prepare the obattu they decide to purchase readymade Obattu. Venkatesh calls his friend to ask the cost of Obattu at the store. Once they realize that the cost of purchasing the obattu was expensive, they decide to prepare a small quantity of Obattu from the grocery that was available.

Concept: Weight, Proportions and Multiplication

Radio Mathematics - (Ep - 15) (Kannada)   
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Mangala finishes her work and there was a second surprise for Mangala and Arya. Vijaya for the first time offered chicken curry to Mangala and her daughter. Both of them were surprised at her generosity. Mangala approaches Vijaya to help her in getting additional work. Vijaya agrees to help her.  Vijaya suggested that Arya work full time at her brother’s house. Mangala refuses as Arya is too young to work , let alone go to another city.

Mangala decides not to ask for extra money as Vijaya was being so generous by offering food and helping her with additional work. Mangala packs the chicken curry to share it with her family. Mangala was surprised to see guests at home, Shamala and her husband, and was not too thrilled. As there were not enough groceries to cook for the guests, Mangala visits Rajanna shop for buy groceries. Mangala was shocked to realize that Rajanna has made a new rule, anyone who buys groceries on credit has to pay a 12% interest on the amount taken. Having no other option Mangala accepts to pay the interest, however she gets cheated while calculating her credit amount.

Concept- Interest, Addition

Radio Mathematics - (Ep - 14) (Kannada)   
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The next  morning, Venkatesh decides to head for work. Initially Mangala refuses to let her husband go to work but later agrees after her mother’s intervention. Mangala on the other hand was well prepared to ask for extra money for the work she had done yesterday. Having this in mind she and Arya reach Vijaya’s house and Mangala started to do her daily routine of washing clothes and cleaning vessels. Mangla was surprised when Arya was offered some snacks by Vijaya. Vijaya was expecting her niece to come along to learn how to cook her special chicken curry dish.

Concept-Fractions, Proportions

Radio Active CR 90.4

<p>Radio Active&rsquo;s vision is to utilise the power and reach of radio to inform, educate, engage, celebrate and empower diverse communities. The station also looks at working with socially committed groups, educational institutions and corporate bodies to promote community learning. Radio Active looks at engaging in community-based projects to strengthen networks for sustainability.</p>

<p>Since its inception in 1991, the JGI Group has been actively involved with the empowerment of different communities through quality education. Radio Active CR 90.4 MHz was started by JGI in June 2007 as a part of the organisation&rsquo;s social outreach programme that could also help its mass communications students get a hands-on to their education.</p>

Content is yet to be updated by the station.

<p>Signature Programmes: Active Bangalore, Shikshanaedu Nana Hakku, Aashitaru, KasaShramikaParisaraRakshaka, Active Dasarahalli Community Participation: Before the starting any programme, a focus group discussion is held for inputs from different stakeholders following which each programme is guided by a programme committee that consists of members from all the stakeholders, who meet once a month with inputs from their respective communities. Innovations in Format: Our innovative formats include radio drama, use of folk art like kamsale, poojakunita, harikatha, veeragase for programming. We are presently exploring radio diary and radio documentary format.</p>

<p>Jain University funded the station. At present, JGI helps us with major part of the funding. However a few in-house projects like life skill training programs for private schools and recycling of waste within the University campus help sustain the funding. In addition, the Community Radio is working for government sponsored like DST&rsquo;s Science for Women&rsquo;s Health and Nutrition.</p>

<p>In the past five years of operations, the most important lesson learnt is the value of partnerships and networks, without which the station could definitely not exist. Through our partnership approach we have been a part of the solid waste management roundtable, the right to education task force and HasiruDala &ndash; a waste-pickers collective.</p> <p>We believe in celebrating as a way of connecting,like our famous tea sessions which has helped strengthen the bond that we have in the community. In terms of impact, we now have over 12 communities working at the station, the mobilisation of waste-picker community through their favourite programme Hasiru Dala and are also in a position to influence policy on waste management.</p>

<p><strong>Core Team:</strong></p> <p>RJ Priyanka, Jaydev, Vimala Bai, Manjula, Lavanya, Shiv Kumar and R J Srikanth</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>CRMC Members:</strong></p> <p class="DefaultLTGliederung1">There is no restriction on the composition and structure of the management committee and as such the committee is able to make decisions on programs, contents, funding, technology, policies and procedures, legal issues, grievance handling, new community engagement, communication strategies etc.</p>

1/1-1, Atria Towers, Palace Road, Bangalore- 560001
Phone: 9845888686, 080-22355490
Email: radioactivecr90.4mhz@gmail.com

Frequency : 90.4000015258789
Broadcast hours : Weekdays: 00:08 -16:00, 17:00 - 20:00 Hours and Weekends: 08:00 –20:00 Hours
Established in : 2007-06-25
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