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IPR Policy and Terms of use

The following terms and conditions apply to all web pages, content at this web portal (


Inline with our principle of free and open access to intellectual assets for sustainable development. You are free to copy, distribute, display or make derivative works of the audio content on this portal, for non-commercial use, provided that the content contributor and Edaa platform, specifically the web-link, are duly acknowledged.

Terms for Submitting Material
By submitting any audio, image, video, text, or other material here, you are certifying that you own the copyright for the material or have secured written permission from the copyright owner for submitting the material to this web portal. You should also certify that the material can be broadcast or disseminated by other users of the portal.  You take full responsibility for all violations of copyright law, of laws governing trade secrets and proprietary information, and of laws governing classified or secret material, or of any laws related to the publication or dissemination of material deemed inappropriate, obscene, or illegal in any jurisdiction applicable, where such violations are caused by your submission of material to this web site. Edaa team is not liable for copyright violations, violations of laws governing trade secrets or proprietary information, or any other laws governing publication or dissemination of inappropriate or illegal content, caused by the submission of material to this web site. Edaa team at their sole discretion may at any time refuse to display material, or remove previously displayed material that they think is inappropriate. You also need to certify that the material is not subject to payment of any license or royalty fees, rental or sale charges, etc. The maintainers of this web site do not accept liability for payments of any kind for the material, including fees or charges for licences, royalties, rental, lease, sale, etc.

You must certify that you understand that on submitting any material to this web portal ( you are making it available to the general public and that your material may be downloaded and broadcast by another user of the portal. Edaa team is not liable for any misuse or copyright violation carried out by any third parties who happens to download material from this web site or who obtains it from any transmittal of the material to mailing lists or publication in any medium.

No Warranty
There is no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information and materials presented on this web portal (, or their merchantibility, fitness, or suitability for any purpose.Maps shown on this portal may not show provincial and international boundaries correctly.

Computer programs and data files are made available 'as-it is' and the user assumes all risks of using them in any way on any computer system. In particular, the material on this web portal is not guaranteed to be free of viruses, worms, spyware, or other destructive or malicious computer programs. Material available on this web portal is not guaranteed to be in conformance with local laws applicable in the jurisdiction of the locations of the viewers of this web portal. Any material that is available on this web portal should be accessed or downloaded by the user at the user's own risk.

Edaa team and other contributors of material on this web portal shall not be liable for any loss, inconvenience, or damage, including direct, special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from use, failure to use, or inability to use the materials and information presented on this portal for any purpose, under breach of warranty or any other legal theory.

Edaa do not require any personally identifiable information for browsing most parts of the web portal. But registration is required for download and upload of audio material, updating content, including not limiting to content pages. The information provided during the registration, excluding the private password is liable to be available on the web portal in one or more than one instances. Your contact e-mail address will be used for communication regarding your account or any other information exchange, or regarding the content you have submitted. We do not sell, rent, or otherwise share your e-mail address or other personally identifiable information with organizations or corporations that intend to use the information for marketing purposes. However, we will, on occasion and at our discretion, share your e-mail address with individuals who in our opinion are attempting to get in touch with you regarding a matter relevant to Community Media or Development issues. Examples include requests for permission to contact you for participating in a thematic workshop, or someone wanting to visit your station or initiative.

By contributing content material on Edaa web portal (including but not limited to the audio gallery, articles and documents sections), posting on the CR Help Desk, Funding/Job alert section, or otherwise contributing any material of any kind to use on our web portal, you agree that you understand the material may be accessible to the general public, and may be indexed and cataloged by search engines and other information aggregators and may thereby be made available in other forms on other web sites.