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4th National Community Radio Sammelan

India’s Community Radio Movement, now a decade old, has proved its strength as a people’s media by providing a platform to the poor and marginalised communities to articulate their opinions.

The objective of the National CR Sammelan is to nurture, promote and empower Community Radio Movement in the country, so that the potential of the medium is fully utilised.

The Fourth National Community Radio Sammelan will strive to achieve following objectives:

  1. To bring together all operating CR stations and GOPA holders at one place for sharing and discourse
  2. To create a face-to-face platform where the CR stations are able to share and showcase their efforts, achievements and challenges
  3. To celebrate the role of CR stations during emergencies, in connecting people and enabling social change
  4. To prepare a blueprint and roadmap for CR movement in next five years
  5. To facilitate dialogues between other ministries like MoCIT, departments and community radio stations.
  6. To create awareness and urge stakeholders like planning commission to include CR in their plan documents and social welfare ministries to use the potential of CR to promote their schemes.
  7. To engage with other stakeholders like UN agencies and other international organisations for promotion of CR in the country