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'Even silence makes sense in radio'
This is a high time when Community Radio stations should start thinking innovatively and make use of sounds familiar to the community to carry messages argues Dr R Sreedher read more..

CR stations should improve channel management
CR stations needs to look into their channel management system and should include professionally produced documentary, interactive programmes, folk music and so on to make it more popular. read more..

Let communities decide the community radio content
The content in community radio must be decided by the content management committees (which is reflective of the community) without any external influence writes Dr R Sreedher. read more..

Lessons learnt from Phailin cyclone
People offering technical solutions to CR stations should offer long lasting and sustainable solutions argues Dr R Sreedher just after the Phailin cyclone. read more..

Community Radio: Airing joyous occasions
CR stations should not confine themselves to the issues like livelihoods and poverty but they should take up live broadcast of local festivals, mix with the community and air their joyous occasions. read more..

EDAA: Platform for sharing community voices and knowledge
Community Radio stations should explore variety of content and different features of content sharing platform EK duniya anEK awaaz says Dr R Sreedher. read more..

Economical way of managing a CR station
There are various ways of optimising cost and managing Community Radio station in economical way explains Dr R Sreedher read more..

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