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Using community radio for bringing about a change in life of refugees


They have come all the way from Germany to India to spread a message, that of using community radio for social change through art. It is the first visit of German radio trainers Ralf Wendt and Michael Nicolai to India and they decided on the Hyderabad Literature Festival as a platform to spread the message.

Their most recent ‘project’, Common Voices on Halle’s leading community radio stations tells the stories of Syrian refugees who made Germany their home in the recent past.

Based in the East German city of Halle that boasts of liberal media laws (which in Germany are state specific unlike India), Wendt and Nicolai are programme coordinators and trainers at Radio Corax. 
Nicolai pointed, “We realised early after Common Voices started in Feb 2016 that it should be a platform that refugees can use to communicate with their counterparts as well as Germans.” 

The refugees are in process of conducting training and will be running it on their own.

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News Source 'The New Indian Express'