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UNESCO team visits community radio stations in Haryana


The two community radio stations of Haryana – Radio Mewat and Gurgaon ki Awaaz experienced a field visit by representatives of UNESCO. The UNESCO Chair on Community Media and Radio Corax in Halle, Germany visited the stations on 30 January. The two radio stations from Germany were on a long India CR station visit, they also visited few CR stations in Hyderabad before visiting Haryana.

Radioandmusic.com spoke to the Station Heads of Gurgaon ki Awaaz and Radio Mewat, they said, “The team from Germany along with UNESCO visited our stations to know how our CRS works and how we benefit the community by our programs."

Gurgaon ki Awaaz airs programmes on health, microfinance and social development that have evoked by the support and admiration of local communities. But programmes for subgroups such as migrants have provoked heated debates within communities. The point of variance has been whether their radio should broadcast programmes for outsiders. Folk music is a much-contested area, with local residents reacting vituperatively to the airing of music performed by migrants or from migrants’ states. Responding to these attitudes, the CR station has played a steering role in nurturing dialogue among local communities and promoting tolerance for diversity.

Radio Mewat was set up with financial support from a UNESCO media development programme and has emerged as an important communication hub in the Mewat district of Haryana. It offers programmes on education, livelihoods, health, the preservation of local heritage and subjects related to local development. Radio Mewat enjoys the support of local governing bodies and government departments, whose schemes it promotes sometimes.

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