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Govt amends policy guidelines for community radio stations


Information and Broadcasting ministry amended policy guidelines for community radio stations, notifying rules for licence extension/renewal and allowing players to broadcast news sourced from All India Radio.

Community radio stations (CRS) are operated by local communities or organisations for development communication. Currently, India has 200 operational community radio stations across the country.

The I&B ministry has broadly accepted recommendations of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) submitted in 2014, which had proposed that the period of permission should be extended for five years at a time and the CRS players should be allowed to air news sourced from AIR in its original form or translated into the local language/ dialect.

The existing community radio station guidelines issued in 2006, are silent on licence renewal/extension mechanism. So far, the community radio players were not allowed to air news or current affairs.

Furthermore, the ministry has also relaxed ad rate rules for community radio stations which said that a station cannot charge lower than directorate of advertising and visual publicity (DAVP) ad rate of Rs4 per second from any local advertiser.

According to the existing guidelines, “community radio stations will undertake in writing that DAVP approved rates accepted by them are their lowest rates and exclusive to DAVP and cannot be offered to any other agency. DAVP reserves the right to review empanelment rates if this condition is violated,” the 2006 guidelines said—a clause which now has been removed from the amended guidelines.

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News Source: 'Live Mint'