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Other Terms & Conditions - CR in India

Other general terms and conditions to be followed while setting up and broadcasting in a Community Radio in India.

i) The basic objective of the Community Radio broadcasting would be to serve the cause of the community in the service area of the Permission Holder by involving members of the community in the broadcast of their programmes.
For this purpose community shall mean people living in the zone of the coverage of the broadcasting service of the Permission Holder. Each applicant will have to specify the geographical community or the community of interest it wants to cover. The Permission Holder shall provide the services of his CRS on free-to-air basis.

ii) Though the Permission Holder will operate the service under these guidelines and as per the terms and conditions of the Grant of Permission Agreement signed, the permission shall be subject to the condition that as and when any regulatory authority to regulate and monitor the broadcast services in the country is constituted, the permission holder will adhere to the norms, rules and regulations prescribed by such authority from time to time.

iii) The Permission Holder shall provide such information to the Government on such intervals, as may be required. In this connection, the Permission Holder is required to preserve recording of programmes broadcast during the previous three months failing which Permission Agreement is liable to be revoked.

iv) The Government or its authorized representative shall have the right to inspect the broadcast facilities of the Permission Holder and collect such information as considered necessary in public and community interest.

v) The Government reserves the right to take over the entire services and networks of the Permission Holder or revoke/terminate/suspend the Permission in the interest of national security or in the event of national emergency/ war or low intensity conflict or under similar type of situations.

vi) All foreign personnel likely to be deployed by way of appointment, contract, consultancy etc by the Permission Holder for installation, maintenance and operation of the Permission Holders services shall be required to obtain prior security clearance from Government of India.

vii) The Government reserves the right to modify, at any time, the terms and conditions if it is necessary to do so, in public interest or for the proper conduct of broadcasting or for security considerations.

viii) Notwithstanding anything contained anywhere else in the Grant of Permission Agreement, the Government shall have the power to direct the permission holder to broadcast any special message as may be considered desirable to meet any contingency arising out of natural emergency, or public interest or natural disaster and the like, and the Permission holder shall be obliged to comply with such directions.

ix) The permission holder shall be required to submit their audited annual accounts to the Government in respect of the organization/division running the CRS. The accounts shall clearly show the income and expenditure incurred and the Assets and Liabilities in respect of the CRS.

x) A Permission Agreement will be subject to such other conditions as may be determined by the Government.

xi) The Government shall make special arrangements for monitoring and enforcement of the ceiling on advertisements, particularly in those areas where private FM radio stations have been granted licenses.